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Meet Al Perry

Watch Al Perry in the kitchen and you’ll see he’s a perpetual motion machine. Moving from the sink to the blender to the oven and finally to the cutting board, he’s a blur of movement. Whether it’s selecting the perfect ingredients, creating a modern approach to a traditional recipe or focusing on each detail of plating and presentation, he brings an unparalleled energy and passion to excel at whatever he takes on. It’s this relentless pursuit to better himself and exceed expectations that keeps Al moving in his personal and professional endeavors. And with each task Al accomplishes, he’s on the move to do more.

Seizing the DayAl Perry

Judging by his passion for cooking, he’s always raising the bar and setting higher standards. Never one to turn down a challenge, Al’s goal-oriented attitude has been the underlying force behind his life’s pursuits. True to his driven nature, he dove headfirst into his academics and earned a degree in Business Administration.

Even when it comes to hobbies such as refurbishing vintage homes, Al stays driven to return these historic structures to their former glory. Al understands that when you want to see results, you have to be proactive and stay motivated throughout the process.

A Passionate Resident

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Al feeds off the non-stop energy of this eclectic city and knows there’s no place better suited to fit his upbeat lifestyle. From attending Phillies games in the spring to Eagles games in the fall, Al is a passionate fan of his hometown sports teams and previously owned a local tavern to commemorate their legacy. Aside from sports, Al delights in soaking up the rich local history of the city such as Independence Hall and the Betsy Ross House with his wife, Christine.

Perfect Combination

Where it all comes together for Al—his passion for Philadelphia, his non-stop energy and drive and his steadfast pursuit of perfection—is in his career as one of the area’s leading real estate agents. When it comes to buying or selling a home, it makes perfect sense to work with a professional who has a firm commitment to make your goals a reality. With this philosophy as the backbone of his approach to business,Al Perry Al puts his vast wealth of knowledge to work for you and stays on the move until you get the results you want and deserve.

Surpassing Expectations

Clients appreciate the fact that Al takes the time to find out exactly what they want to accomplish and designs a plan to meet their specific objectives. Al’s eye for value and his expertise on the local inventory of homes is simply unparalleled for buyers looking to find the perfect match for their lifestyle.

Al also implements a variety of sophisticated marketing techniques to give sellers’ homes exposure to a wide array of qualified buyers. He takes pride in keeping his clients well informed of pertinent legislative and tax laws that could impact their important investment. Throughout the transaction, Al works diligently and methodically to protect your best interests and treat your goals as if they’re his own.

On the Move for You

In the fast paced world of real estate, you owe it to yourself to work with a consummate professional who is driven to help you achieve your goals. Al Perry has forged a path of success through his unrelenting pursuit of excellence. Contact Al today to schedule a complimentary consultation. He’s always On the Move For You.

Al Perry
2010 Oregon Avenue - Philadelphia, PA 19145
Direct Line: 610.842.4635 - Office: 215.465.1400